• Welcome to Our Studio!

    We are a design studio working in the field of communication and visual design. Over the years we have expanded and integrated our knowledge in the field, in order to satisfy the needs of communication with our clients.

  • What We Can Do

    We do everything from advertising campaigns, direct, packaging, identity and brand communications through “new” and “old” media online and offline.

    We believe in creativity and effectiveness. And never has the combination of those two powerful things been more important in business than they are today.

    All of our campaigns, strategic thinking, content, design and marketing programmes and brand creations are based on what we call “press play on com”: starting your communication.

    Over the years our ideas and insights have given many start-ups, challengers and local brands the perfect platform for success. It has always been our aim to be the kind of integrated agency that a client would want to work with. One that finds new ways to engage, excite and build brands whatever the challenge. Every day.

    And most importantly, we've always given our clients exactly what they want, because, we love what we do. PLAYCOM: “press play on com”.

  • Contact

    via S.S. Sannitica 87, Km 9,050
    Afragola (NA)

    telephone:+39 081 860 23 91

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